Cherry Picking

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Cherry Picking

Overhead Squats? I think I’ll forego that one today.We’ve all done it.  We see a movement, skill, or entire workout that we just don’t want to face.  As for me, anytime I see overhead squats for reps in a workout, I’ll at least think about it.  I always have to tell myself to just go in and do it.  Cherry picking workouts is as old as fitness itself.


       Whether you like it or not, these are the days you need to come in more than any other​.​  It comes down to this…​working on your weaknesses.  Work on what you’re not good at, or better yet, what you don’t like.  I used to hate overhead squats.  Don’t get me wrong, I still do.  Now that I’ve worked on them over the years though I can at least tolerate them enough to get through it.

       When you first started, you told yourself you were going to get fit no matter what it took.  Well…part of that is doing what ​you don’t like to do.  The more you work on something, the more you grow to like it, or at least get better at it so when it comes up again in a future workout it’s easier to get through.  No one ever became awesome​ and well rounded​ by doing what they liked or were good at. They ​worked on their weaknesses until they became their strengths or at least they weren’t weak on them anymore.


       You have several coaches to help you get through the hard parts.  Next time that dreaded movement or horrible workout comes up, bite the bullet, get back in, and at least work on it.  Remember, the person next to you might not like it either and you can suffer together and complain about it afterwards.  So get back in there keep being awesome.


-Coach Rick

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