WOD 1.3.18

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Upcoming Events

Open Enrollment!!!

We are completing a “Back to Basics” program Jan 15th – 26th

This will allow any new athletes to enter directly into our group program

Please Spread the Word to your friends and family!

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Sign up Here: https://syncapp.wodhopper.com/gym/10035/v1/enroll

Offer ends Jan 14th 2018

Workout of the Day 1.1.17

Skill / Strength

Mobility and Squat Therapy

MetCon / Work

Level 3

15min EMOM of:

5- Pull-ups

10- Push-ups

15- Squats

Level 2

15min EMOM of:

3- Pull-ups

7- Push-ups

11- Squats

Level 1

15min EMOM of:

3- Pull-ups (banded)

7- Push-ups (elevated on box)

11- Squats

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