My CrossFit Acronym

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My CrossFit Acronym


My husband has 16 years in the Army and will continue until he makes it to 20 years.  What I have learned as his wife is that there are so many acronyms in the Army world.  It’s like another language that I can’t always keep up with! 😉  Then there’s CrossFit that also has so many acronyms that we use daily.  As a new CrossFitter you learn another language.  There are AMRAP’s, EMOM’s, DU’s, SDLHP’s, and so on.  So I figured it would be fun to create my own CROSSFIT acronym to show what CrossFit means to me.


Courage – CrossFit gives you courage in many ways.  You learn you have the courage to try new things.  You have the courage to be yourself at your gym and know you’re accepted.  You have the courage to better yourself daily.


Resolution –  With CrossFit, you can find resolution in the gym and in your personal life.  It may not be all the time and it may not be consistent.  But what is?  Resolution is hitting a goal you have been shooting for for months.  Or a goal you didn’t think was possible.


Optimism – CrossFit has a way of showing you that there are so many things that are possible as long as you keep a positive outlook.  If you cannot find the positive in the small things how will you find the positive in life?  It’s amazing what believing in yourself daily will do for you.


Strength – CrossFit will make you strong.  Of course, you will become stronger and lift and move heavier weights.  But you will become a stronger person mentally too.  You will see that you are capable of doing anything once you put your mind to it.


Self-Confidence – You will gain a self-confidence you didn’t know was in you.  You will come to respect the movements in the gym and work to master them.  The more you can do with your body the more you can appreciate it.  You will become proud of your body and what it can do.  You won’t be worried about the weight on the scale but about the weight you can move.  You will become confident in your body but you will also become confident in the person that you are.


Fun – CrossFit is fun!  It is fun because you are always surrounded by amazing people in your class.  We are lucky to have great coaches that make classes fun!  Fitness is fun when you aren’t alone!


Independence – If you want to be independent in your life then CrossFit is a means to this goal.  You will be able to do things for yourself you never thought were possible.  That might mean moving some furniture yourself, picking up that 40lb dog food like it’s nothing, being able to do yard work without it completely wearing you out, or just knowing you can do anything you put your mind to.


TenacityCrossFit will light a fire within you that you had no idea existed.  It will show you what you are made of and what you are capable of.  You will have the tenacity to push through tough situations inside and outside of the gym.


What is your CROSSFIT acronym?  What does CrossFit mean to you?  What have you learned from it?


-Coach Nora

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