Why I Wear Toe Socks and You Should Too!

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Why I Wear Toe Socks and You Should Too!

Why I wear toe socks and you should too!


As humans we walk using our 2 feet. Yet for some reason we take advantage of this evolutionary gift, I believe because we do not remember the trials and tribulations it took to gain this mobility as a child.


The foot.

It is a complex area of the body with many bones, tendons, ligaments, nerve endings, and joints which allow it to flex, extend, and rotate in many planes of motion. Your reflexes are sharp and for many it is a sensitive area to touch. Most importantly it gives you some key information to the rest of your bodily systems about where you are.


So why toe socks?

We constantly over protect, and restrict our feet! Narrow shoes, tight socks, and thick padding may give us some visual appeal, however it affects our natural balance, weakens the muscles, tightens up connective tissue, and dampens our awareness. Our toes are responsible for our balance which directly affects our ability to run, jump, even walk. So why would you want to restrict them?


Move the toes, strengthen the foot. You need to move the toes around to shift your balance points every step you take. When your foot is weak you develop poor walking habits, unnatural gaits, and compensation throughout the body. This usually comes with pain and a decline in performance.


Free your toes, unlock your potential. Every athletic movement has an emphasis on foot placement. Place an equal amount of emphasis on using your foot the way it was designed and record the gains you make in other areas of life. Deadlift PR? Mile run time decrease? Or just the elimination of ankle or knee pain.


How to increase your ability with toe-bility.

Start with purchasing one pair and try them out 1 day each week. Move your toes frequently throughout the day and if available wear the widest fitting shoes you have. If your foot gets a little sore do not be afraid as it might actually be getting the stimulation it needs to get those muscles working. Contact a coach to get some more strengthening and skill work when your ready to take it to the next level! See you in the box!


-Coach Jeremy


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