What is Your Why? : Coach Connie

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What is Your Why? : Coach Connie

I love to work out, so much so, I’m fine with working out by myself.  But that can get old sometimes.  I love how working out makes my body feel but mostly how it makes my mind feel!  I feel stronger physically and mentally.  My background was in personal training.  After years of working out in a “regular” gym, I decided I wanted to try CrossFit because I was becoming bored with my workout regime.  My first class of CrossFit was so great that I never looked back.  Then I went and got my CrossFit Level 1 because I wanted to learn more about it!


With my personal training background, I jumped into coaching at Max Kane.  I like helping people and pushing them a little further then they think they can go.  But they push me as a coach too.  I am there for them, to make sure they are using their bodies correctly, safely, and effectively.  They have made me a better trainer.


Just like working out, I coach because of how it makes me feel and having a good influence on my athletes.   It makes me happy when they do something they thought they couldn’t do or lift a weight they assumed would be too heavy.  I always want them to be the best athlete possible and to succeed at anything they put their mind to everyday.  That is why I coach CrossFit.

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