You Can’t Outrun a Crappy Diet

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You Can’t Outrun A Crappy Diet

Cake is delicious. Fruit is delicious. Carbs are delicious. Now take a look at your naked self in the mirror. Got a little something extra to love? Uh huh. Exercise in general and CrossFit specifically won’t make a dent in that padding if you don’t stop with the eating of the carbs. Americans love sugar. Athletes are obsessed with carbs. Because someone at some point told us all that carbs are good. Probably some food pyramid from 4th grade. And if you’re getting your nutrition advice from a 4th grade color-by-numbers food pyramid you will always have some extra cushion hanging around.
As a CrossFit coach, I’m not qualified to give specific nutrition advice. But I can tell you that 10 years of coaching athletes from 11 years old to 70+ years old taught me that workouts don’t change your body composition faster than food. The best exercise for losing bodyfat is restraint with a super-set of self-discipline. For anyone who sees themselves in their au-natural state and wants to make that body a little more rockin’, spend more energy dialing in your nutrition and less making social media posts or inventing subtle reason to enjoy nonsense foods (but it’s my vacation!) and you’ll be lean in no time!
-Coach James

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