The Love of CrossFit

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The Love of CrossFit

My favorite thing about CrossFit is working out with my friends.  Before I started CrossFit, I went to the gym, alone and worked out, alone.  Don’t get me wrong, I like working out alone, but not all the time.  Working out with other people makes a work out more of a challenge, because I try to keep up with them. But it makes it easier at the same time because I want to work harder alongside others.  That isn’t something I feel when I work out alone.  When I started, one of my friends was always better than I was at the more cardio based workouts and I was better at the weight based workouts.  We would always watch what the other was doing and try to keep up with each other.

Now that I’m coaching, I love the people in my classes even more.  I love being able to push them a little bit further than they thought they could go or get them to push/pull a bit more weight than they thought possible.  I care about their success and I want them to be the best they can be.

They also push me to be a better coach and a better athlete.  I work hard to make sure that I am the best coach I can be and make that hour of their day the best hour of their day.  It makes me feel good to see them improve technique, get stronger and move better.

So when people who don’t do CrossFit, make fun of CrossFitters because we only talk about Crossfit, they don’t understand.  CrossFit affects our lives on so many different levels, it makes us physically and mentally stronger and we have formed strong friendships with the people we work out with.  We have all had bad days  and weak days but we don’t judge each other, we support each other and help everyone do their best.


-Coach Connie

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