Positivity is a Choice

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Positivity is a Choice

CrossFit can make you stronger mentally.  It will push you to a place where at first you don’t think you’re going to make it through.  Will you believe that or will you choose to stay positive and tell yourself you can overcome the workout? You will see you can make it through anything.  In any situation you have the choice of how you react to something.  I believe it is something you work on in every workout that you do at our gym,whether you realize it or not.


It’s been a tough few months for me.  I am constantly working on balancing everything in my life and how I handle stress.  Stress is something you can’t always avoid.  But you can work to change how you respond to it. My life is very busy with a full time job, and a part time job with the gym.  I love the gym.  It is my passion.  It is a passion I never even imagined I would have.  I love our mission to make health and fitness a part of families lives.  I feel lucky to have it in my life.  But it comes with lots of work.


There are days I feel like I have no time for myself, my husband, my house or my animals.  I have let that get to me and let it upset me because I don’t have an extra minute.  Or whatever it is that day that has bummed me out.  But it is all how you look at it.  You can choose to be positive or you can choose to dwell on the negativity of your day.  The days I feel like there is no extra time, I tell myself that I am so lucky to have a home to go to where I can cuddle with my animals that all love me.  Oh yea and my husband too. 😉  He knows how to make me smile if I did have a bad day.


In life or a workout you have the choice to choose positivity or negativity.  What is going to be for you?  We all are lucky to be alive and well.  Enjoy life and your workout.


-Coach Nora

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