Kids vs. Adults

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Kids vs. Adults

(We are All the Same)

As well as being a blessed dad to three wonderful daughters, I have the privilege of being a coach to an awesome group of kids in our CrossFit Community.  While the obvious difference of coaching kids and adults is age, there’s not much more that separates us inside those gym walls.  In the sport of CrossFit, we can all classify ourselves as equal individuals regardless of the number we place beside our names.


–          We all have our good days and bad days.  Some days we are spot on a movement, while other days we feel and act like it’s our first class. 

–          We both want something the other has: kids want the strength and calluses that the adults have, while the adults want the youth and mobility that the kids have. 

–          Games bring out everyone’s competitive nature; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

–          Hiding from our weaknesses (goats) is a common theme.

–          We are all having fun learning how to live a healthy life through diet and exercise.

–          Friendships are being built throughout the classes and community.

–          Coaches can always tell who was listening to instructions before a WOD.

–          Kids struggle with some of those odd warm-up movements that my 530am adult class struggles with, but both can laugh about it and have fun.

–          Burpees and running is high on the least favorite movement list for both.

–          Flipping tires gives everyone a sense of brute strength that can’t be found anywhere else.

–          We all should go back to the basics at times to reset where we go wrong.


So perhaps after reading these points, I’ve helped you shed a few years off your life when you realize the kids share the same fun and struggles you do.  Who says we must live by that number called age?  Enjoy life and enjoy that hour of class that you are able to escape from reality; it’ll do the body good! 


-Coach Wes

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