Smile, You Never Know Who Needs It

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Smile, You Never Know Who Needs It


There’s no way around it, we all have our good days and share of bad ones. We all have the struggles of balancing work, family, chores, and hobbies and many times, they seem overwhelming!  Each and every day we squeeze in that hour to basically escape from reality and commit to improving our health at Max Kane. Fitness brings happiness to our lives so don’t be greedy with it.  Regardless of what day you’re at the box, you’re not alone. There’s the coach and fellow athletes that share the same struggles all humans face some time or another in a lifetime. 

Regardless of how bad your situation may be, there’s always someone that has it worse and that person may be the one right next to you. Take time to smile and check on your teammate. I’m not saying we should cover up our problems in life, but take the time to make someone’s better and it could help yours become a little brighter.  Negativity can be poison that can destroy a person’s life and can very easily affect another that may have their defenses down.  It’s much easier to spread laughter and joy, than frowns and misery.  One smile can lead to a great day for those early risers in the morning or close out a subpar day in the evenings.  Be the light for someone else’s darkness as you never know how big of an impact it can make on their day or even life.
-Coach Wes

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