How Lucky We Are

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How Lucky We Are

As a member of Max Kane Gainesville or Flowery Branch, you (and I) are extremely lucky. My wife and I moved to Gainesville in early 2016 after selling our CrossFit gym. During most of the year we didn’t have a place to do CrossFit so we settled on just lifting weights at a local gym. Now we’re members at the Gainesville location and so happy to be a part of the local community! A couple things that stood out immediately:

1. The coaching staff is dedicated and extremely knowledgeable. Rarely do you meet coaches with so many years experience and so dedicated. If you’re gonna learn CrossFit, you gotta have experts leading the class.
2. Community. I can only speak for the Gainesville group because that’s where I attend but I assume it’s similar at Flowery Branch. The group really enjoys training together with lots of friendly competition and encouragement.
3. Hours are convenient. So many class options it’s easy to attend at least 2x a week!
This isn’t propaganda. This is my personal thoughts on our fitness home. Of course there’s things about our gym that I’d like to change but there’s so much awesome stuff, I stay focused on how lucky I (and you) are to have this place. It won’t last forever, nothing does. But for now, it’s really exciting and a true blessing to be a part of Max Kane Health and Fitness.
Lastly, just like anything else including your church, your family or your job – you get out of something what you put into it. Invest the time and energy to really become a part of Max Kane. The coaches love their clients and want you to be here. Other members want you here too! It’s so easy to sit at home or be super busy, but to receive the full benefits both physically and mentally of CrossFit you gotta show up and be excited! Now let’s get to work raising each other up!
-Coach James

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