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Let’s talk goals.  Why do we set goals?  Do we really need goals?  Life without goals is like a trip without a destination.  Sometimes it’s fun to wander aimlessly but we ultimately need to know where we’re going.


Same thing in life.  We do better if we know where we’re going.  As kids, our goals are simple: go to school, play with our friends, summer vacation.  As we grow up they become bigger: college, job, home, family.  We strive to be better.  Shouldn’t we do this with our fitness?  If you are working out with no purpose in mind, you will never get better.

How do you go about setting fitness goals?  Be specific. Don’t just say you want to lose weight, what does that actually mean?  Perhaps you want to get to 10% body fat or you want to be a size 6 or maybe you just want to feel better and have more energy. Maybe you want to lift more weight, run farther or compete in a Tough Mudder; these all take planning and an ultimate goal.


Write it down. Why? Because you are statistically more likely to achieve a goal that is written down.  You can also look at that goal any time.  If you are feeling like you haven’t achieved much or moved toward that goal, you can look at the details and see where you were and where you are currently.


Tell someone else.  Tell your partner, your mom, your best friend, your workout buddy, your coach.  Tell someone. You create accountability.  If the people you are closest to know, they can help keep you motivated and they will be proud of you when you achieve.


So let’s set some goals and if you do need help, talk to a coach.

-Coach Connie

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