Trusting the Process

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Trusting the Process

We see the crazy AMRAP’s and the death by ladders of Clean and Jerks, etc.  And those big names that push out programming to follow.  But adding lots of volume doesn’t just make you better at everything.  Will you be more used to more volume?  Yes but that isn’t always the goal.


At Max Kane Health and Fitness we have a programming cycle that we take into consideration the whole year.  We want you to get stronger, faster, and better at more technical movements.  That means there will be strength cycles and then there will be phases with little to no strength so we can work on skills for those technical movements.  If this isn’t obvious to you, then ask a coach to better understand the current program.  There is always a rhyme and reason we are doing what we are doing.  I promise after 4 years I can see the pattern now.


I feel like the best example is a couple months before the Open we start retesting Open WOD’s and practicing all our favorite movements like Wall Balls. 😉  Then once the Open is over we move into our first strength cycle.  And we all get so excited about this since the strength isn’t a focus before the Open!!


Trust the process.  Trust the programming and your coaches to guide you through the process.  We want you to do better each year!!

– Coach Nora

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