Stretching & Mobility

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Why Stretching and Mobility?

Admitting you have to make more time for stretching and mobility in the CrossFit world seems daunting sometimes.  It is something that needs to be done to stay mobile and healthy.  Maybe you feel like you have no time or you don’t know exactly what you are doing.  Both of those things can be fixed.


Do you feel like you are just way too busy to stretch?  The first step is to just make time for it!  I know I need to and am working on adding in stretching and mobility when I can.  My schedule is busy but that can’t be my excuse.  Just make sure you are not doing long stretch holds before a WOD.  That is not really beneficial in a workout and better for after a workout.  You may have to block times out or plan to stretch while you are doing something else, like while you watch TV or even while you study for something.


Now are you that person who just doesn’t know where to start?  We we’ve got some options!  We have yoga classes 2 times a week.  The coaches are knowledgeable and could give you a list of daily stretches if you are lost on what you should focus on.  We also have ROMWOD that is provided up front.  When you have the little bit of extra time to stay after your class, tell a coach you would like to do ROMWOD.  We would love to set it up if you ask us!  You can even pay for ROMWOD, a monthly fee, yourself so you can have it at home to do anytime you want.


Stretching and mobility are a big part of fitness and staying healthy.  Make it a priority for yourself.  It is as important as your daily workouts.

-Coach Nora

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