Why use it?

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Why Use it? (Stronger. Faster. Healthier.)

So this is the last week for you guys & gals to place a SFH pre-order, so I wanted to go over a few things about the company, & the products they carry. First off, I REALLY DO love this company. (SFH). I have no problem writing this blog, or suggesting you all to give them a try, as I was using their products long before the gym even started carrying them.

What I look for in my supplements has changed through the years. It used to be all about price, flavor, etc etc. Although these should play a role in your choices, they shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Think QUALITY over quantity. Maybe you are already taking some sort of protein supplement? The main difference with SFH’s protein is the purity. It comes from grass-fed cows, so none of the impurities (that are inevitable when dealing with grain-fed cattle) are transferred into their proteins. I’ve heard it said that “you aren’t what you eat- you are what your FOOD eats…” Grass-fed protein is your cleanest option when looking for a supplement in this department. One scoop daily to supplement your total protein intake would make a big difference. I’d suggest taking it within 30 minutes of completing your workout on the days your training, & on rest days, you could have a scoop as a healthy snack whenever you felt hungry. One bag=30 scoops, so one bag would last you at least a month at that rate.

       My favorite product they carry is the fish oil though. Fish oil is known as a natural anti-inflammatory, & a much healthier substitute to typical anti-inflammatories like Advil, Aleve, Motrin, etc etc. It increases circulation throughout the body, reduces recovery time, helps with heart health… the list goes on. If I could only take one supplement, it would be fish oil. What I like about SFH’s fish oil, is it contains the highest concentration available without a prescription. To get many of these benefits, fish oil needs to be taken in a higher-than-normal dose, & if you’re using the regular Wal-Mart capsules, that could mean taking 5-15 gel-caps a day. With SFH’s liquid fish oil, one TEASPOON is equal to ten of those gel-caps, and it doesn’t taste like fish at all. I like the lemon or the orange. One teaspoon a day=about $1 a day. 48tsp per bottle, so a bottle would last a month and a half. Try a bottle, take it consistently for 6 weeks, and see if you don’t notice a difference in how you feel, during and after a workout.

   So give it a try! The link to place your pre-order is below. It will be put on your tab, and ran on Feb 1st with your membership. Orders should be in within a week or so after that. As always, if you have any questions, ask me or any of our other coaches, & we will help guide you to the best of our ability. See you all at the gym!


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