Thank You to my Max Kane Family

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Maybe because I just got married the most amazing man, I’d like to give him a big shout out for all he does for his business, Max Kane Health and Fitness.  Small business owners work so much harder than you would ever think.  Especially when they are in the service industry like the fitness industry.  I have seen it and lived it firsthand now for just over 3½ years with Jeremy and the ever evolving Max Kane gym.  Without giving it much thought you’d think he works the listed business hours and goes home and would be done.  It’s definitely not that at all.  The business is a constant in his life.  He lives and breathes it all the time. (I’m serious, our pillow talk consists of the gym).

You have to be really passionate for your business otherwise you’d hate it.  There are early mornings, late nights, and weekends all for the business.  With such passion, you are bound to get an amazing service because Jeremy cares so much about what he’s doing.  Take that all into consideration, there is sacrifice for his personal time and time with his loved ones.  Good thing I’ve become part of the amazing business.  Now I work longer hours because I want to help and make sure the gym succeeds just like Jeremy does.

When you support a small business, like Max Kane Health and Fitness, you are supporting the owner directly.  There are some who just don’t get that and I wish they did.  The ones that do, the one that have stuck with us through thick and thin, I appreciate you all so much.  You all are the reason Jeremy has this business.  So if you love it at Max Kane Health and Fitness, I’m so glad you do and that you have decided to stay with us, as we help you through your health and fitness journey.  We are so thankful for all of you!

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