What is Barbells for Boobs?

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What is “Barbells for Boobs”?


For many CrossFitters, Barbells for Boobs means we get to do “Grace” and wear as much pink as possible. However, breast cancer took my closest and dearest friend leaving vast emptiness in my soul. Personally, this event means more than just coming together with my CrossFit family and working out on a Saturday morning.

On September 6th, 2014, my sweet and beautiful best friend passed away because of breast cancer. It still feels surreal that she is no longer here. She was one of the sweetest and most kind people you could ever meet. We were friends since the 8th grade. Our world was devastated at the very moment we were told she had breast cancer and sadly it took her life at the young age of 27.

Barbells for Boobs is dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women and men under the age of 40. All funding efforts support the much needed detection services in local communities across the country. 100 percent of the funds raised go to Barbell for Boobs and are vital to provide those who may not have the means or access to critical detection services. “Barbell for Boobs” provides a solution that empowers people to take action by informing and connecting them with the right resources.

Help us spread the word and help us reach our goal by sharing our donation page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please join us as well for Barbells for Boobs fundraising event and Grand Opening of our second location in Gainesville, GA. Find the event info here!


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