“Eating for success, inside & outside the gym”

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“Eating for success, inside & outside the gym”

By: Coach Brandon Conner

So you’ve bought into this Crossfit thing. It took you awhile to make it through the door that first time, but after finally facing your fears & insecurities, you took the leap & got started- and you found out you love it! Despite the sore muscles, tough workouts, & new challenges you face on a daily and weekly basis, you’re feeling better about yourself. You love the community of like-minded individuals. You’re beginning to notice changes not only in your body, but also in your mind, So whats the next step?

If you’ve been around the gym much at all, you have heard me or one of the other coaches preach the importance of nutrition. It is the foundation of not only fitness, but in living a long, healthy life in general. Eating properly helps to ensure that you are performing optimally. When we step into the gym, we demand a lot from our bodies. We are lifting, running, jumping, throwing, rowing, squatting… and if we are filling our bodies with junk, it makes sense that we aren’t going to be able to do those things as well as we would otherwise be able to! Then comes the time away from the gym. Our bodies are attempting to recover from the work we have done, & many peoples food choices do not help facilitate that process-in fact, the foods they are eating can slow down or hinder that process altogether.

After recognizing that the fast food you’ve been eating a couple of times a day probably isn’t your best option, the question remains- where to begin? The problem is that there are a host of fad diets, crazy meal plans, & the newest magical combinations promoted by so-called experts that all claim their way is the best. Many people are at a loss on where to begin, & understandably so. If you’ve never really had any guidance on how to properly plan out your meals, getting with one of our coaches to help facilitate the process will help put you on track to learn how to best fuel your body. From Paleo, to Keto, to Zone, it can all be pretty confusing without some direction. At Max Kane Health & Fitness, we know that if you take this next step, it will change the way you approach training, fitness, & life. You will fell better, inside & outside the gym. Those goals you set to accomplish in 2016 will begin to manifest, & soon you will be setting new goals because now that you’re eating properly, you see you set your sights too short.

So although I know asking for help in this area can be uncomfortable, let me assure you it will be worth it. It’s a lot like stepping through the door of a Crossfit gym for the first time. You might be unsure at first, but you’ll look back on it & wonder why you waited so long. Get with me, or any of our other coaches, & let’s set up a time to meet & find out what works best for you. You’ll be glad you did!

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