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By: Michelle Hulsey

68 days…

That’s how long it’s been, since I completed WOD 16.5 of the CrossFit Open. It’s also the day I started thinking about writing this blog (yes, I sometimes can be a bit of a procrastinator). I’ve gotten a little side-tracked by life, since that day in March, and I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that you have too.

So, this is a call for us all to get refocused and start preparing for the 2017 Open. You might be asking yourself – WHAT, already? The answer is YES! Because, if you’re like me, you found out that you have some things (may be a lot of things) to work on. That is the point of the Open (for those of us who don’t advance to Regionals) — to expose our weaknesses, so that we can start attacking them.

So, how are you doing with this? Have you even thought about your weaknesses from the Open? Maybe you have. But have you actually made a plan to attack those weaknesses? Here are a few things you can consider, as you begin thinking about preparing for next year’s Open.

You couldn’t do chest-to-bar pull-ups in workout 16.1? What have you started doing to make sure that won’t be a limiting factor next year? Are you working on strict pull-ups? Have you learned to do kipping, or butterfly, pull-ups? Have you spoken to a trainer about other things you can do to help get you stronger at this movement?

You couldn’t do double-unders, or clean the weight, in workout 16.2? Are you showing up to the gym early to practice doubles? Have you bought yourself a speed rope? What weight was your sticking point on the squat cleans? Are you showing up every Friday and working to push past this weight?

You weren’t able to get a muscle-up in 16.3? What have you done to make sure you will have one next year? Are you working on strict pull-ups and dips? Are you taking measures to get stronger?

Did the handstand push-ups stop you in 16.4? Can you even do one strict, regular push-up? If the answer is no, start there. Maybe it was the wall balls that slowed you down. Have you started making a conscious effort to squat below parallel? Have you moved up to the 14-pound wall ball, or are you still using that 10-pounder? Maybe the 14-pound ball is easy for you. Why not try the 20, or 25, pounder?

Did the burpee and thruster combo leave you too winded on 16.5?  Maybe it’s your diet that slowed you down. Have you set up a time to discuss nutrition with Jeremy or Brandon? Are you still skipping the days that burpees, running, or rowing appears in the WOD?

This list of questions could go on-and-on. The point is that the time to tackle your weaknesses is NOW. Yes, I mean right now. As soon as you finish reading this, START! Jot down your weaknesses, come up with a plan to attack them (if you need help, get with a trainer), and then GET TO WORK! You only have 269 more days, so get started today!

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