Face it, there is no magic pill!

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By: Wes Smith

How many times do you close your eyes wishing for something to take place only to open them and see nothing has changed? Whether it’s a school or work project, house cleaning, yard work, or another personal tasks, we’ve all been there. This is what so many people feel like they can do with their health and fitness. There are all kinds of fad diets, supplements, and five minute per day exercise routines that claim that you can go from couch to model in a matter of days. We all know this is a bunch of crap! Just like anything in life, becoming healthy and fit takes work. Did you gain those 20, 30, 50, etc. pounds overnight? What makes you think you can lose it overnight? Bottom line is that it’s going to take work, sweat, some setbacks, and lots of drive to make it happen.

Yes, life’s daily struggles get in the way and take us down the road of stress, heartache, and unhealthy suffering. Make your health a priority, your family will thank you in the extra years they have to spend with you later on in life. Have fun doing what you choose to do. If you pick an exercise regimen that you don’t like, you’re not going to stay with it. It’s just like eating a particular meal you don’t like; you don’t consume it at every chance, you avoid it. However, give something a try more than just once. While the first try may have not hooked you, try it again to gain a full perspective on it.

Experiment with your diet, everyone’s body is no doubt unique. What may work for your brother, sister, or friend, doesn’t necessarily fit your body’s needs. There are solutions out there, it just may take some digging to find yours. It can be very discouraging to see someone eat like crap, never gain weight, and still rock a workout. They may be hiding their “other“ challenges from the outside world and their life is not as good as it seems. That’s a whole other blog in itself though. God made us all different and unique; it’s how a person responds to life’s challenges that show their character. We will all fail at something in life, but what faith do you carry with you to put you back on track.

As a CFMK coach, I want to say that you have all of the tools you could dream of at our box to get you on track and to keep you pointed in the right direction. Granted, a coach can’t hold your hand throughout the day to keep you safe from life‘s temptations, but we can give you the tools. It just doesn’t start and end when you pass through the front door; it takes work at home, on the job, or at school. What do you do to recover? How’s your diet/meal prep? Do you wonder about certain topics and research them to gain your own opinion? The resources available to the members of CFMK are endless. Have a question, don’t hesitate or be ashamed to ask for help. If I don’t have the answer right then, I will make it a priority to get it to you or point you in the right direction. One simple question, can create a snowball of curiosity for those involved in the discussion. Just as athletes, lean on the coaches for direction; coaches lean on other coaches for that support base. Hold yourself and others to a high standard. It’s all a perfect harmony of community.


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