Choose Your Box Carefully

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By: Brandon Conner

“CrossFitters don’t care about form. All they’re worried about is going fast….”

If you’ve been around the fitness industry at all, you’ve probably heard this before. You’ve heard Crossfit is dangerous, because the coaches don’t care about form or technique. I can tell you firsthand, though, having been to multiple CrossFit seminars, that this is not the case. There is a basic principle of progression that is taught to every single person who attends a CF Level 1 seminar- Mechanics. Consistency. Intensity. In that order. A new athlete who comes into the gym should first focus on their mechanics; their form; their quality of movement. After they are able to perform said movements in a proper fashion, then we can move forward to consistency. We want that athlete to regularly practice & use those movements, while continuously seeking to further improve their technique. Finally, after mechanics & consistency have both been established, we can begin to ramp up the intensity portion of CrossFit. Too often, though, coaches will progress an athlete too quickly, urging them to “go faster” or “go harder” when proper mechanics & consistency haven’t been established. This is where injury, a lack of long-term results, & disillusionment with CrossFit begins. This doesn’t mean that a beginner can’t be exposed to some intensity early on- but it should be closely watched & guided by a competent trainer and shouldn’t be a main focus of their program at that time.

In a perfect world, every coach would adhere to this progression…But that’s not reality. This is where it is YOUR responsibility, as an athlete, to seek out a Crossfit facility that will guide you along the path of fitness in the safest, most effective way. At Crossfit Max Kane, we strive to instill this in all of our coaches and athletes. I can’t say this is true for many CF boxes out there, though. Be diligent before choosing what box to attend. We have many members who pass by 2-3 CrossFit gyms on their way to get here and for a good reason. Make sure that your gym stands for what CrossFit ACTUALLY teaches; otherwise, you too might be one of the many people who aren’t getting what you should be from your fitness program.

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