Gaining Confidence

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By: Nora Sweet

Confidence is defined as the belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities. I believe this a large part of the journey of CrossFit. We have all heard CrossFit is a journey, not a destination. Accepting this will make everything so much more fun and enjoyable. We come to CrossFit to get healthy but find there is so much more to it than just getting healthy. We start to see and understand what kind of person we are and who we want to be in life. I have been CrossFitting for almost 2 ½ years now, and I’m still learning so much about myself.

There are many of us who worry what too much about what everyone else is thinking. This may be our newer athletes or younger athletes who have not yet found that confidence we come to find as we get older. But as a coach, and an athlete, I can tell you something…no one (but the coach) is worried about you because they are too worried about what they are doing and if it is wrong or right. Learn to laugh at yourself when you fail because it’s ok and no one is perfect. Take the one hour a day that is for you and make it all about you and don’t let anyone ruin your experience!!


A lot of us are guilty of being too hard on ourselves, myself included. We forget where we started from because we are so fixated on one or two movements we can’t seem to get or have trouble executing at the current time. Can you say Olympic lifts or double unders?! We have to stop and think about how far we’ve come since day one!! And if we want to see more results we have to take some extra time and work on them before or after classes or come in for open gym on the weekends. We have a saying here at CFMK, “practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.” Always remember what your coach told you to work on and really strive to move as well as you can when you practice.

Confidence is not comparing ourselves to someone else, so why do so many athletes do this daily? I think it is because in some way they care way too much about the other person and their achievements that they forget about their own. It is not worth comparing yourself to someone else! Yes, you can look up to someone in the gym that is stronger or faster than you, but use it as the fuel to push yourself. Use this fuel to push harder in today’s WOD or to set a big year end goal. We also tend to forget there is a much bigger world than our gym. There are many other CrossFit gyms that have members who are better than the best at your gym. There will always be someone better than you, unless of course you are Rich Froning! We are all at different stages in our CrossFit journeys. Remembering this will keep you happy and confident.confidenceConfidence is defined as the belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities. I want to challenge our athletes to start believing in themselves when it comes to their one hour of “me” time at CrossFit!!! Don’t forget why you are here and what you are learning. Be excited about your CrossFit journey and make it as important as you want it to be! Believing in yourself will bring you confidence.

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