Fit People Make Hard Targets

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By: Jeremy Warner (Affiliate Owner/Head Trainer)

When I decided to become a CrossFit Coach, it was a cold windy day on a remote fire base in the lovely country of Afghanistan. Now I had previously attended the CF L-1 seminar, had been utilizing CrossFit as my personal training program for over a year, but on that day I decided to Coach. A few teammates of mine, along with our local interpreters finally started to join me in the WOD and there I was running the show. I was no stranger to the instructor stage having served as a trainer, mentor, and Drill Sergeant in the US Army for numerous years, however in those first few air squat cues and push press corrections I felt a renewed purpose. I could use this “Sport of Fitness” to increase survivability. Not just here out in the bad lands, but back home, where the majority of the population can not win a fight with their daily schedules, let alone an actual physical attack!
“Controlling the Chaos of life through Elite Fitness” became our battle cry, and later my affiliate’s motto. As a team, a community brought together by the bond of hard work, occasional suffering, and the sacrifice of sweat we would ensure that if a fight ever arrives at our door we would be ready! What fight am I speaking of? It could be a car accident, cancer, natural disaster or a terror attack, in any of these cases your physical health will help you once that internal mechanism called “Fight or flight” kicks in. Additionally in the event of physical injury or disease the fitter individual has a higher percentage for recovery over the less fit every time.

Now I want to touch on the current state of our World. Yes we are at War! Wether you, your neighbor, or our political establishment wants to admit it, there are groups of people out there who want to cause death, disorder, and chaos in our Nation and others like ours. Unlike War of the past this is one where the bad guys have the ability to operate in disguise, without identifying units, uniforms, or other features beyond their ideology and views. I personally do not prescribe to fear mongering, the main stream media, or prepping for the zombie apocalypse, but I do believe in vigilance and constant situational awareness. So take the time to think about a few of the following questions listed below each time you want to skip a workout.
1.) Could I carry my loved one to safety if needed?
2.) Could I sprint, duck, and crawl to safety if needed?
3.) Could I move by foot if needed with a backpack of supplies to the nearest emergency shelter?
4.) Could I survive any sustained effort based on my nutrition and water consumption?
5.) Do I have a plan that ensures I can accomplish these items?

If you want to learn more about being prepared for the unknown please send me a message. There are numerous kits you can purchase or put together to aid you in a bad situation. Take the time to get educated, be aware of your surroundings, always have a plan, and most importantly keep yourself physically fit! Functional movements are the key to life, and doing CrossFit improves those movements and may save your life!

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