You can’t get there from here!

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By: Jeremy Warner

I want to open this blog up by saying that I like everyone! But, if there ever was to be a person I did not like, it would be the pessimist! “You can’t get there from here”, what a waste of oxygen that statement can prove to be! A common theme I have run into over the past 10 or more years while instructing and coaching people, is the idea they need to accomplish a lesser task before attempting the next. A sort of irrelevant confidence boost. I believe this is a cop out! Once the lesser task is accomplished those same people often check out and take that victory to the bank, never even taking a shot at the true greatness that lays just out of reach. “But I have to get stronger first”, “But that sounds hard, maybe I should try this first” and “But I could never do that! I can not even…” These are all the same as saying I can not get there from here. “I am too out of shape to exercise, I need to start walking first” HA! So let me break that down into the idea that one must get in shape before they get in shape! What does that even mean? It is almost as bad as saying “well my gym has (fill in the blank) so it is way more comfortable.” Are you coming to workout or take a nap? The gym is suppose to push you out of your comfort zone, that is where the magic happens!! So back on topic, the road to success is hardly a straight line, or even a line at all but if you work hard, maintain a positive outlook and push forward, you will find that greatness which was previously just out of reach! Set lofty goals and be relentless in the pursuit. Along the way you will come across the pessimist, I say judo chop to the throat, and push on!!

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