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By: Jeremy Warner

Education is one of those things you really can not put a price on. True education, not the type you take for granted while attending public schools or universities you enter to appease the complaining of your parents at 18, but actual life lessons. These are most often learned in that fabled “school of hard knocks” where we find out how to truly be humble. We learn how to keep our head up in tough times and push through adversity no matter what loaded barrel we may be staring down. Now let me talk about the current state of the world where adversity, it’s definition by experience, not Webster, means many different things. Take the following statements, “overcoming extreme adversity, student x, who had to walk half a mile everyday to catch a bus to school, sits here today as your valedictorian.” Compared to “over coming extreme adversity, Private Jones carried his fallen comrade over half a mile through rough terrain and known enemy positions, ultimately saving his life.” As illustrated in these two scenarios, although teaching a similar lesson, this meaning of adversity could never be accurately portrayed by reading it in a book. Keeping the length of this post to a minimum I will get to the point. All the books, seminars, and higher education available will never amount to real life experience! So do not let your lack of “credentials” slow you down. Get out there in the “School of hard knocks” and learn something. You might actually find out who you are in the process!

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