$The Cost of Health$

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By: Jeremy Warner

I can not afford to eat like that!
But that gym costs so much more!
I just don’t have time to do that!

Excuses keep us from living a healthy life.
Excuses keep us from reaching our fitness potential.
Excuses are the reason our children are growing larger, sedentary, and unhealthy.

So let’s take a few words to get each other on the right track. Harsh truths to get a little perspective on these excuses.
1.) You can justify a venti mocha death by sugar from your favorite coffee shop for $8.00 but then you pass on the 8oz grass fed beef ribeye for $10.99 when the compared grain fed, steroided up store brand beef is $2.00 cheaper all because “it is too expensive.” Well 8oz should be counted as 2 servings for all of us who follow a responsible balanced macro nutrient meal plan. So then you add a sweet potato and all the greens you want and boom! You have a meal (paleo style) for about the same as your “sure to give you diabetes” coffee.
2.) Higher priced items are usually worth their weight in gold. The same can often be attributed to services. When have you ever decided to go to the cheaper hairstylist, mechanic, or doctor? When your looks, transportation, or ability to live are on the line people tend to spare no expense. You want to make sure the service you are paying for is good, and price is typically a good indicator. You may be able to live with a cheaper alternative, but don’t you deserve the best?

3.) The best one yet is the honest believer in the idea that we need more time in a given day to accomplish little tasks. Well stop creating more tasks that monopolize your time. Social media, television series, and incessant text messaging or email consume our lives and become a huge distraction from reality. Limit yourself to a blocked time to check your messages each day and the minutes you free up during the day can now be put to more useful things like grocery shopping, meal prep, or even getting out that jump rope to work on double unders for 5-10mins. It all adds up, and heaven forbid if the stars and moon align so you can actually get 8hrs of sleep one night!

Let this be a wake up call to share with your family, friends and neighbors, When they start drowning you in their excuses of why they can not be like you, a healthy human being!

Keep up the hard work and remember the goal is to not just live long, but to live well!!!



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