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By: Jeremy Warner

CrossFit is a very powerful exercise program. It has various meanings for different people, but the true idea that Coach Glassman tries to convey is often missed. Power!! To be able to produce power we must move large loads, long distances, quickly! Or as in our high school physics class we learned that Power=Work/Time, and Work=Force x Distance. Those athletes who can produce high power outputs, such as completing a sub 5 min Fran, Diane, or Grace, are left with a different respect for those names than the athlete who simply finishes (Rxd of course) with a time in excess of the 10 min mark.

We must dial in these, all too often strong, but power lacking athletes. Only then will they be able to feel and truly understand the concept of intensity that is CrossFit. Pushing your limits is how you achieve improvement. A body left unstressed is a body left unchanged. We must (when physically ready and able) jam that gas pedal to the floor and GO!!

For the sake of an argument let’s say we have identical twins who perform Fran 21-15-9 reps of Thrusters and Pull-ups. If Athlete A uses #95 and completes the workout in 10mins but Athlete B uses #75 and completes it in 3 mins who did more Work? What about creating more Power?
A- #95 x 45reps / 10mins = 427.5
B- #75 x 45reps / 3mins = 1125
(Now this is leaving out distance moved and the pull up portion because again I said Identical twins)
But it is clearly the lower weight, with the faster time that yielded more than double the Power!!

Now as coaches what can we do? Spread the knowledge and hold your Athletes accountable! Remember the true CrossFit Rx is Technique, Consistency, then and only then Intensity! Possessing strength is GREAT! But in this sport Power will beat absolute strength everyday! So on the next WOD I challenge you to dial the load down and dial the speed up! I guarantee it will open your eyes to the Power of the CrossFit program.


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