How we get, and stay, fat

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By: Jeremy Warner

Calories in equals Calories out? Nope.

All Calories are NOT created equal? Duh.

But I was born big boned, right? Umm sure.

So here is the cold hard truth. You have been lied to your entire life in the workings of nutrition. Yes I agree everyone is not created equal however there are some universal truths we can not deny. Well you could but science will prove you incorrect. So what is the answer? Insulin, plain and simple. We must moderate our body’s release of insulin through out the day. How do we do this? Stop eating carbohydrates! Specifically the ones that are man made, or high on the glycemic index. But what does it do that is so bad? Well it gets processed as if it was sugar, sugar or glucose is easy to burn so your body wants to use it as a primary fuel source. Not because it is a good fuel source but because it is an easy fuel source. While that is going on the insulin that has been released to control your now toxic blood sugar levels stops transporting nutrients to muscles and instead stores them away as fat. So you get fluff not buff!!! The bad thing is that over time you build up insulin resistance causing your pancreas to have to release more and more insulin to combat your normal yet still highly toxic blood sugar levels. Next stop type 2 diabetes!! How do you fix it? Well just like if the doctor said to you…If you do not stop smoking you will develop lung cancer in the next 3 years. You would stop smoking, I would hope. So look at it the same way. If you do not want to get fat, insulin resistance, or type 2 diabetes then STOP eating carbohydrates!!! FYI the carbohydrate is the one macro nutrient that you can actually live a normal functioning life without. Take away protein or fat and science will destroy you! We can talk about the red meat and egg causing high blood pressure and cholesterol next time!! Until then ditch the corn, soda, and ice cream for a good cut of beef and a large salad, hold the ranch!!


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