Results, Regrets, and Realism

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By: Jeremy Warner

In the quest for great fitness, a better looking naked body, or improved human function, there can be many reasons our life train gets derailed. We find excuses each and every day to justify our actions. These justifications may be positive and aid us in our quest, but more often than not, they lean towards negativity and create “the why” for our newly justified failure.download (1)

As responsible grown-ups with various career fields, significant others, children, school, friends, and other random events that fill our schedules, it is far too easy to become caught up in the rat race of life. This rarely contributes to the goals we have set for ourselves in the world of fitness. “I want to lose this fat…insert body part here” is the last thing on our mind as we attend a friend’s wedding, or a night out on the town. So a shift in our goals is necessary so we can measure results, avoid regrets, and maintain a sense of realism in our quest to achieve a better self.

Step 1 – We must set realistic goals.

It is not enough to say I want to be skinny, or I want to be strong. We need to define these goals and set a realistic timeline for each of them. I want to have a 400 lb. Back Squat, run 7-minute mile, and complete 25 rounds of Cindy at a body weight of 175 by the end of September. This sets an achievable number on various tests of fitness. Each of them has a definitive finish line that one can work towards, not just an idea that may be altered with time.

Step 2 – I have to measure my progress.

If I do not record the results of my training, my food intake, my mood, or how well I slept each night then how can I know what variable is sabotaging my mission? A diary, training log, or even a fitness app are all great tools to keep us honest and provide feedback on our journey.

Step 3 – Celebrate small victories.

Do not be so hard on yourself. Each milestone once conquered, no matter how small, is one step closer to the finish line. If we lose ourselves on the journey, ignore friends and family, avoid that restaurant with the amazing cheesecake, or get anxious every time we see a scale then what is the point of doing all of the work?


The lesson here is to enjoy each day, live not for regrets as a small dose of realism can get you back on track to the results you seek. Enjoy the feeling of being alive, your new-found health and the ability to do things that others simply dream about.

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