An Open Love Letter to Yoga

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By: Trice Sweet

Dear Yoga,

We have a sorted history, a past that would make grown men cringe, a misunderstanding that I can’t seem to muddle through. I’ve had my share of on and off relationships (just look back at my traumatic dating history), but your hold on my heart trumps anyone else’s.

I want to love you. Honestly, I need to love you. Somehow, though, after all of these years, I can’t seem to understand you. Sometimes when I’m with you and stretching beyond my means to please you, I find that you won’t even listen. I have declarations to make, sweeping salutations for you to hear, and all I end up feeling like is a warrior with no shield to speak of.

I’ve been told it’s my ego in the way, that I need to start to listen, but this so-called silence is completely foreign to me, and to the years that we’ve fought one another. My friends keep telling me that i just need to spend more time with you and figure out how to love you, so I’ll try to leave my defenses at the door next time we see one another.

I’m not ready to give up on you, yoga. There’s something about you, something about those moments in which we look each other in the eye, and understand why we’ve spent all of these years fighting one another.

Love, Trice

P.S. Save me a spot next Tuesday morning.


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