My CrossFit Story

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By: Michelle Conable 

I have experienced every type of exercise, including personal training, yoga, pilates, P90X, running marathons, and Insanity. It only seemed logical Crossfit was the next challenge.  I started at different box and was hooked. I definitely “drank the juice” and annoyed people with my incessant talking about it.  I soon moved to Max Kane because I changed jobs. I was amazed with all the Olympic lifts I had being doing wrong because of poor training. The coaches at Max Kane keep a close eye on their athletes to prevent injury and bad form. My old box was understaffed. There were often too many athletes for the coach to correct and teach everyone.

My fitness goals have always been to be skinny. I was successful with that. When I started Crossfit, I thought I would continue to maintain that goal. I was very wrong! I started putting on weight and my clothes got tighter. My physique changed. I needed larger shirts. Somehow, I was okay with it. I may have gotten bigger, but my body was more defined. A hydrostatic body fat test hosted by Max Kane proved I have a very healthy body fat percentage.


Skinny me

Skinny me


Strong me 🙂

I love the competition, learning new moves, and the thrill of PR’ing on my lifts. It’s a workout I enjoy going to and love the whole time. I don’t dread it like other workouts; instead I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and go. I think CrossFit is so addictive because you can always improve, learn something new, and accomplish things you thought were impossible.

I enjoy the camaraderie at Max Kane.   I feel like I have a second family. Coaches or other athletes are often willing to help me after the workout of the day. We have multiple social events where we can get together outside of the gym.  We cheer each other on and provide support in hard times. We understand that we all have different goals, backgrounds, and skills. We celebrate big and small victories.

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