Why you NEED to Squat!

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I mean Seriously, can’t you afford a chair bro?

The Squat is an essential item to Human Functionality. As you can see illustrated in the below picture from the beginning of our lives we have the ability to squat below parallel in a safe and functional manner. It is not until the hardships of aging have taken a-hold of us that we get the notion that, “well maybe this is not good. I mean it does not feel good!”  So we settle for our simple reasoning and a few supporting biased articles that we stumbled upon on the inter-webs and just stopped squatting. THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE!!! The most logical reason I will give you, and your fitness tip #1 is that if you want to be able to get up off of the toilet when you are old, then you must continue to squat and train the major systems in the body. As you continue to age and ignore the necessity of completing normal movements to their full functional range you are going to further limit your ability to operate as a functioning unit and ultimately require a “helping hand” to complete normal everyday tasks. (Like getting off the toilet)


So, the next question is going to be the HOW? How is it that we have reached this point in our lives that we can not longer take care of our normal daily human functions? Well, I bring you the Office Chair!! Visit any 3rd World country and you will see everyone squatting around like the above pictured child. Playing with rocks, sticks, telling stories, things of our past time. Well my beloved 1st world, I don’t sit on the ground because it is dirty and so are the rocks! You need to take some time and get back to your roots! De-Evolutionalize (is that a word?) and sit around (in a squat) just trying to relax and enjoy the moment. Now Check out a Work-out on our Daily WOD and go get your Squat on!!!

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