Endurance WOD Explanation

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The Soon to be Released Program will include workouts for athletes who wish to race in Endurance Running 5k, 10k, Half, and Full Marathons and Tri-Athletes who want to compete in Sprint, Half, or Full Iron man events. Where any Distance athlete can benefit, please make sure you consult our Head Coach before beginning this Program.

The following Endurance program will take all of our Max Kane Endurance Athletes at CrossFit Max Kane to test on Sunday December 7th in Dillard GA at the Inaugural River Vista.

There will be other test periods during the training, and these will serve as road marks for our Iron man and Half Iron man Athletes. The Next roadmark will be announced SOON!!!!

Distances at the Inaugural River Vista offered are as follows

  • Half Marathon 13.1
  • 10K- Run
  • 5K- Run

You can register and get more info at the below link from Active.com


Directions for the programming:

  1. You can alter the days on which you do certain Workouts but maintain a proper Work to Rest Ratio
  2. Do not add any supplemental Work unless it is approved by a COACH
  3. More does not = Better
  4. No you can not skip or go light on strength days
  5. No you can not go at a pace on interval days
  6. Yes this is going to be challenging
  7. You may scale the CrossFit WODs as directed by a Coach
  8. You may scale the distances as needed, but discuss with a Coach
  9. M= Marathon Distance
  10. H= Half Marathon Distance
  11. S= Shorter than 13.1 Distance (10K, 5K, ect)
  12. 3 Sport= Iron man/Half Iron Man  
  13. You must follow a sounds nutritional plan 
  14. You can not be afraid to push yourself
  15. Do the workouts when able in the gym
  16. I will post links and information related to skills and drills pick the ones that benefit you most but neglect nothing
  17. The goal is to raise your base level of fitness while specializing in Endurance Sports
  18. The CrossFit Endurance Program is based around proper technique first, consistency in that technique, then add on the intensity (miles/speed)
  19. Do not sacrifice your health for a particular workout. If you know you can not swim do not go into the middle of the lake and attempt to tread water for 20mins.
  20. ENJOY Yourself!!! If you have any questions please direct them to Jeremy at [email protected]

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