What’s Next?

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By: Jeremy Warner

Many of you survived your first CF Open Season. A few actually signed up, and even less submitted a score for every WOD. That is not important; what is important is that you started a new year completing a 5-week long worldwide competition that you could weigh-in on right here in Flowery Branch. It is also worth mentioning that your team, Raising Kane, finished 317 out of 1563 teams in the South East Region. That is within the top 25%, in case you are not great at math! So now it is time to ask the important question:

What’s Next?

1.) We are about to start our first full 13 week strength cycle. This means that testing will occur and you need to be here for it! You then also need to be here consistently so your improvements can be accurately tracked and you can hit the numbers we prescribe to you. Key words are ACCURATE, NUMBERS, TRACKED! Show up, do the work, and write it down!

2.) For our hardcore, in the gym more than once a day athletes, we are going to start posting 2-a-day workouts to follow. This is not a once-every-other-week-I-feel-like-I-ate-too-much-last-night-now-I-need-to-work-it-off option. This is strictly for those who have the time and physical ability to follow the program as it is prescribed. So put on your big boy/girl pants, knee sleeves and lifting shoes, get the shower chair and walker out, because you are in for some hard work! Get with a coach, follow the plan, eat, sleep, train, repeat! Enjoy it 🙂

3.) For our Endurance Freaks, that means you runners, we will be posting up an Endurance WOD for you to do. Again you must commit to a program. This is not an option, you can not possibly do it all, I promise. You can, however, lift more than you have been previously and see big gains on your long runs! Just ask Trice Sweet about her monster Marathon PR!.

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