The Importance of the Fundamentals

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By: Jeremy Warner

IMG_1382On Ramp, Bootcamp, Foundations, Fundamentals, Basics, or CF (CrossFit) 101: These are all of the various terms I have seen utilized to describe the first CrossFit classes an athlete must complete before joining the normal class in their individual attempts to destroy the daily WOD (Workout of the Day). I want to take a minute to describe how strongly I feel about these programs and why everyone should attend them. When I say everyone should attend them, I am not limiting this group to just new athletes, but every athlete. That’s right, I mean you too!

Even the most seasoned CrossFit athlete can develop bad habits in their fundamental movements over time. Coach Greg Glassman, the founder of our beloved sport, sent out an open letter to all CrossFit Trainers on the concept of Virtuosity. Virtuosity is found when you seek to do a common movement, uncommonly well. Seeking that perfect 10, never settling for the 9.9 rating on your air squat, deadlift, or shoulder press. I know this seems tedious, and you are only coming to CrossFit to lose weight, but I promise you, if you can spend a few extra minutes each day trying to find a way to improve the most basic movements you will notice an increase in your work capacity in those movements. Afterwards you will see that your new found mastery has also taught you attention to detail and increased focus in the world of kinesthetic awareness.

Our CF 101 program at Max Kane is required of all new athletes, regardless of their perceived athletic prowess. You may be the best athlete in the world but if you have never heard of a Sumo Deadlift High Pull or know that I abbreviate it SDLHP, then you will benefit from CF 101.If you are a CrossFit ninja, breathing fire in all directions, we can teach you how to teach the movements and help you step into the realm of coaching just by attending a few CF 101 sessions. You’ll be able to start picking up on coaching cues, techniques and terminology.

To the average, “I am here to lose weight and feel great,” you should come to CF 101 as well. Experienced athletes, you are the ambassadors to the new athlete, who is scared shitless of the firebreather and the young shredded new athletes. Let them know the importance of what they are doing by giving some community support. You will benefit because it feels good to help others and you get to work on your train wreck Overhead Squat, showing that everyone still has a weakness even after looking like a badass from the front of the gym while banging out a Deadlift / Box jump Couplet in the WOD.

What are you going to do now?

Everyone go pick out a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, mark it on your calendars at 1930hrs, (7:30pm) and dedicate an hour to give back to the community, increase your education, and work on increasing your physical abilities. Everyone is looking for extra work, so here it is! Now get to work and go grasp that perfect 10, or at least get a few steps closer to it! “100% and then some.”

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