Custom Membership Options

Max Kane Health and Fitness offers a variety of membership and fitness options, including personal training, group training, open gym, or a hybrid option to be decided between you and your coach. Our coaches are full time. This means they are fully invested in your success and available around the clock. We match you up with a Coach to lead you through this fitness journey. Your Coach for Life will track your progress, offer assistance when needed, help you achieve and set goals, all while motivating you towards a healthy life.


Experience is not easily found in most gyms. At Max Kane Health & Fitness we pride ourselves on education and practical experience. We hold some of the highest certifications and the most experienced fitness trainers in the area. Our team has been developed as athletes and trainers, through countless hours of seminars, internships, online continuing education, standardized testing, and the constant pursuit of excellence. Our fitness regimen is based on Crossfit programs, a fitness regimen focused on functional movements geared at targeting multiple muscle groups in one workout. To learn more about Crossfit, visit the website here.

Barbell / Weightlifting

Max Kane Barbell is a USA Weightlifting sanctioned club founded by National Coach and Referee, Jeremy Warner. The team offers membership to athletes of all ages from Youth to Master’s with interests ranging from international competition to general sports performance. If you want to get stronger, faster, and want a life long sport to pursue this is your place!


ROMWOD stands for Range of Motion Workout of the Day. It is a website that provides daily videos designed to increase range of motion, optimize athletic performance, and promote recovery, healing, and longevity. Max Kane Health and Fitness provides ROMWOD to all members at both gym locations. To learn more about ROMWOD, visit their website here.


Yoga incorporates meditative breathing with a variety of poses and movements geared toward increasing mental awareness and balance. Yoga can be used by a variety of both athletes and non-athletes looking to improve their strength and flexibility. Max Kane Health and Fitness provides yoga classes as a membership benefit or as a stand-alone option in two different formats: Traditional and Mobility & Stability.

Youth Fitness

Our youth fitness programs include a variety of classes that incorporate actions that kids naturally want to do. Our experienced and energetic team of youth fitness coaches make it their goal to introduce your child to an active and healthy lifestyle for them to carry on into their future. Learn more about our youth fitness programs, and give your child the gift of fitness today!

Max Kane Youth Fitness

Quick Fit Classes

Have you ever been trying to make it to the gym, but your schedule doesn’t allow you enough time to come in? Quick Fit may be your solution. These classes are held in the morning and cater to every level of fitness. Learn more about our Quick Fit classes and contact a coach today!

Quick Fit Classes at Max Kane

Strength & Stretch

A different version of our Quick Fit program, Strength & Stretch is also an option for those with a tricky schedule who still want to stay committed to their fitness journey.

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