Our Classes & Services

Soft Tissue Therapy

Max Kane Health and Fitness offers a variety of soft tissue manipulation modalities to get you out of pain and correct your movement dysfunction. This means staying pain free in the future. Consultations and treatment are by scheduled appointment only through our Soft Tissue Specialist.

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Custom Membership Options

Max Kane Health and Fitness offers a variety of membership and fitness options, including personal training, group training, individual designed programs or a hybrid option to be decided between you and your coach. Our coaches are full time. This means they are fully invested in your success and available around the clock. We match you up with a Coach to lead you through this fitness journey. Your Coach will track your progress, offer assistance when needed, help you achieve and set goals, all while motivating you towards a healthy life.

Group Fitness

We offer several group fitness classes: Crossfit, USA-sanctioned Barbell/ Weightlifting, and Youth Fitness. All of our group fitness classes can meet you at any fitness level, and scheduling your classes is simple with our online booking. Contact us or book your free No-Sweat Intro to learn more about our group fitness options! 

Personal Training & Individual Design

Personal training is a great way to address a variety of individual fitness concerns and goals, including injury rehabilitation, weightloss, specialized strength training, and sport-specific development. Getting ready for your next race? Our trainers can get you prepared for anything from a neighborhood 5K to the Ironman. We can also help you reach your goals in strength sports such as Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting. If you are recovering from an injury, trying to get ahead in a particular sport, or you want to customize your fitness regimen, personal training is a great option for you!

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