Title: Trainer

Full Name: James Hobson


Age: 38


When did you start using CrossFit as an exercise program? I saw a Nasty Girls workout on Youtube and wanted to try it out.


What does CrossFit mean to you? To me, CrossFit is the best workout and the only sports program that hasn’t become boring in ten years.


What is you favorite thing about CrossFit Max Kane? The coaches are amazing here, and the members are really fun to work with.


What are you favorite CrossFit related activities? Weight lifting, of course!



What is your favorite workout? I really like chippers.


What is your favorite cheat meal? Potato Chips.


Tell us 1 more thing about yourself. I’ve never been injured during my ten years of doing CrossFit.


What certifications do you currently hold? L1 and Mobility.


Zone or Paleo? Anything healthy.


How can we contact you?  [email protected]


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